Extreme paraphernalia

Some women come to us with so much body modification that they are used to pain. This chick barely had room for one more piercing on her pussy. So how do you cause such a one to feel the pain and show it, whether voluntarily or not? That, friends, is our challenge. We put clothespins all up and down her. We snapped them off her nipples. Finally she reacted when we ripped a whole set of clothespins off her side. Then again when the cat was applied to her body including her very pierced cunt. Of course her tits got their share. That is how we did it.
There was even a clit ring. How can anyone put a cock inside that thing. It is like a trap! Yet we do imagine that she fucks a lot. Just a hunch. We thought it would be rude to ask …

Pierced, waxed, with breathing issues.

This hot blonde’s tits were pulled tightly together and bound very tight. We used her mouth for different things. Stuffed things in there then put an air supply cutoff tube if we really wanted to stress her. You have to be careful when using one of those. Just enough to scare her, not to harm her. Reminds us of waterboarding. But we are not after information. We waxed her up real good and caned her. Had her moaning to the vibrator before long. We could almost feel her orgasm as she came. Put your finger in the right place and you do feel it.

Another large pair of boobs for us to worry.

We like to knead these, and slap them and whip them. Even when we squeezed and flicked her nipples she winced. She was okay as we tied them up, but as soon as the tips were pinched, she winced again. Finally, her tits bound good and proper, a horse bit in her mouth, we had her where we wanted her. Her sensitive breasts were ours to do with as we wished. Pinching hurt them, squeezing hurt them. Funny that all those pussy piercings didn’t drive her up a wall. Everyone has different sensitivities. Always back to those tits. Playing with them, worrying them. Sometimes he stuck things into her pussy, but her tits were her outstanding feature. We kind of like gals who are more sensitive to stimulation and pain. It gets us off.

Xtreme tit stress

Her entire body weight supports those babies. Ouch. He squeezes her boobies, giving her a taste of what is going to happen to them. Her arms are both tied into unnatural positions and she is left alone to ponder. Now her tits are tightly bound and she seems really uncomfortable with that. It gets worse. A sprinkling of slaps with the riding crop, front and back, right on her pussy as well, although the panty fabric offers a tad of protection. He slaps her with his hands and she must take it. Now suspended face down over a padded clinder, then a plank, she is made to own this position. The most resistant of them can only hold out so long when the vibrator is applied to their clits. So it is with this one. She would like to make us believe that she cannot feel pleasure under these conditions but we put the lie to that illusion. She is made to support a counterweight with her breasts and to keep moving.

girl cares for girl

We love girls who punish and torture other girls. Something real exciting about that. Most women I know would like to feel up another womans breasts. Our gal goes further than that. After our guy ties up number one and number two treats her with affection, trying, no doubt, to easy the suffering which is about to be incurred. Once she is strapped to the cot, our gal comes over and continues her affectionate support. The man in charge slaps the crop against her butt and spreads her out for the visual pleasure of our members. Ultimately both gals are bound together and the sting of the whip is the common bond which cements their sisterhood. You will want to stay with this one to see the outcome.

Humane treatment.

We say that because who wouldn’t be grateful for a nice vibrator on a pole up your business to bring you pleasure. Why don’t we start by whipping your thighs and pussy while the vibrator on a stick penetrates and pleasures you. Next the dildo for some nice simulated fucking. Looks like she has had her share. The dildo went in REAL easy and she moaned in pleasure all the way through. Knees on the table, bent over a horizontal bar, hands shackled and mouth ball gagged. Come for us, honey. Does the vibrator on your clit feel good as you drool from your mouth? We hope so. We are all about pleasure. A nice touch, first he whips the soles of her feet, then tickles them. All the while the vibrator continues to whip her clit into a bout of ecstasy.


We have seen you before, Red. This device works best with large breasted women. More to pinch and confine. Let us not neglect your pussy, though. You can play with it yourself, go ahead. Now the electrodes. Bet your smile goes away pretty darn soon. Laugh all you wish. As we increase the current it wont seem so very funny. We are here to teach you important life lessons. The extra current makes quite a difference, isnt that so my pretty? The tickle has turned to pain. Never take electricity for granted. And never think we are trying to make you laugh. That is just a tease to disarm you.

Electrodes and dildos. What a nice combo.

We enjoy penetrating these girls. After all, they allow us to do unimaginable things to them. We come up with new devices all the time. Why not give them their rocks. Dont any of them wear underwear? Yes, some do – but not for long. This chick looks a little nerdy. Wonder why she isnt doing more respectable work. Could it be she enjoys what we do to her. The way we fondle her and apply the whip to her pussy and tits. Her nipples bounce as she is whipped, yet nary a protest. Okay enough of this. We have to get some response. Chain you and bring the vibrator down between your legs and show our friends the stripes on your ass. Yes, it was us who marked you up like that. And you loved it, didnt you slut! So vulnerable. We are allowing our members to look right up our snatch and ass while we set you up for the dildo machine. How does that feel. You like to fuck, don’t you? We thought so. Well try this machine and a vibrator on your clit for good measure. Shocking isnt it?

big tits, tightly bound

Boy these are nice tits. And bound the way they are, one can only imagine how nice they feel to the touch. Go ahead. Imagine! She doesnt like the whip much. But protest does her no good. She will be whipped as much as we wish. We like the way her clamped open mouth drools. Maybe that is why we tape the electrodes to her tits ad thighs. A good shock is a turn-on. Except for the one being shocked. But as with all of these gals, the vibrator brings out the best in her. Go ahead and play with their tits. That is what we tell them And some of the guys really like to do just that. Play with them, torture them. The lines get kind of blurry.

plump gal, big tits, red wig

So much more of her to punish. Not really fat, but lots of flesh to play with. He strokes her gently as she lays on the floor, her tits pressed flat against the wood. She has the freedom to roll around at first, but then she is bound by her wrists and stretched upward. Of course her tits are going to get attention. She welcomes that apparently, but the whip is a different story. She lets us know she is feeling the pain. Some guys like to play with tits, others like to pinch nipples. Here we do both. Such nice, big tits. Such shape! We leave her to sit alone on the chair to contemplate what tortures are in store for her. Sometimes sitting and waiting and wondering are the worst part. Her tits are clamped between two bars. He tightens them and brings her to the point of pain. The whip, the wax, the clamped open mouth. This vid delivers.